We provide industry-focused services for public and private clients in order to build public trust and enhance value through the application of our committed approach and methodology.

Whatever the size of the organization our services approach is guided towards client satisfaction and our commitment towards excellence and perfection.

  • Audit and assurance
  • Taxation
  • Business Advisory


At AHNCO our primary objective is to provide a framework for the application of a uniform, effective and efficient audit approach for all audit engagements. We act as auditors to numerous prestigious organizations in Afghanistan.

The Nature of our Audit Approach:

Our objective in an audit of the financial statements of an entity is to express our independent opinion on whether the statements as a whole have been properly prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as applicable and relevant legislation to give a true and fair view of the financial position and results of the entity. In order to express such an opinion, we need to perform our audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. To be effective, we need to obtain sufficient, reliable and relevant evidence to enable us to form our opinion. To be efficient, we need to obtain that evidence economically and in a way that is (and is perceived by our clients to be) highly professional. This involves making the best use of resources available to us – the expertise of our people, their time, and any assistance which can be provided to us by the client.

Given these objectives and the diversity of the clients we service, we have developed an audit approach that provides a high degree of flexibility with the emphasis on the exercise of professional judgment in tailoring the audit to meet the specific circumstances of each client

Our approach has four key factors:

  • Understanding the client – the business the risk, the needs
  • Developing a strategy for audit tailored to those risks and needs
  • Translating that strategy into an effective and efficient PROGRAM of work for the audit

Care and control in drawing together our finds and arriving at our audit opinion.

Internal Audit

Internal audit involves assistance to the management in making strategic and business decisions, recruitment and training issues, designing of accounting and internal control procedures and most importantly to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of operation of the transaction flows as designed by the management. Unlike statutory audits, these audits are performed in more detailed and INVESTIGATIVE manner. It is an effective mode of fulfilling responsibilities of the management by providing them with following reports on the diversified areas, which specifically require management consideration:

  • Analysis
  • Appraisals
  • Recommendations
  • Pertinent comments regarding findings of audit

Accounting Services include:

Statutory Auditing under the various statutes of Pakistan.

Management Auditing which includes:

  • Examination of the achievements of the organizational objectives in relation to the overall management system of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating.
  • Auditing in pursuance of a Specific Contract.
  • Internal Audit
  • Systems and Operational Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit

Business Advisory

Apart from above services the firm also provides business advisory services. Our clientele include individuals and organizations both from private and public sectors. The advisory services are grounded in research and experience and offer clients an opportunity to view their business situation with fresh insights and clarity. We unite a passion for designing best practices with implementing systems that promote these practices efficiently and effectively.

We use a PROJECT MANAGEMENT and delivery methodology. This helps organizations create new systems and processes for situations that demand precise integration for business planning, systems development and field implementation. Compared with traditional methods we use shorter project phases. This brings benefits to the field quickly, and then builds incrementally on the established base. Our consultancy methodology reflects the new realities in the business; speed, cost effectiveness and quality must all be combined together so that organizations do not have to wait years for competitive improvements.


AHNCO is one of the premier firms providing TAX SERVICES and are respected by both the Government and the Private Sectors. The TAX team is committed to provide clients with highest standard of professional counsel and direction in all of its diverse practice areas.

The TAX partner of AHNCO is one of the senior and respected TAX EXPERT of the Pakistan. The Tax Team consists of specialized professionals, which caters for a large portfolio of diversified clients, which includes Manufacturing, Services, Real Estate, Telecom and Retail Sector.

The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) also recognizes the partners’ services. The firm is proud of its achievements in tax audit work outsourced by CBR to the private firms. The range of services provided by the Firm includes the following:

  • Filing of corporate and personal Tax Returns
  • Compliance work at both assessment and appeal stage
  • Filing of various statements with Tax Departments
  • Advice and consultation on various tax issues including the effects of mergers, liquidation’s, acquisitions or corporate re-organizations
  • Registration of various trusts and funds with CBR
  • International and cross border Tax advice
  • Tax planning involving complicated models and tax shelters

The taxation services cover the following statutes:

  • INCOME Tax Laws
  • Sales Tax Laws